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This blog shows the latestprogress of QR Motion which is a newly developingbranch of the Quick Reference 2-D barcode technology.

What Can QR Motion do

Concept of QR MotionPosted by qrm Sat, January 26, 2013 17:04:42

What Can QR Motion do?

This project is aimed on developing an application which can generate and read QR codes in continuous mode transferring data on different Android smart phones. The software will have the following features:

-Automatically captures QR code.

-Automatically recognise and categorise the content of the data (characters or binaries).

-Automatically generate series of QR code and play them on the screen.

-Compatible to static QR codes.

-Error detection and error correction.

-Communicating control functions which guarantees the efficiency and accuracy of information flow.

-Data encryption function.